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Summers Photography is a photographic company based in Berkshire. Stephanie owns and manages the company that she has developed from its infancy. 

We specialise in lifestyle photography; anything that is important to you, we capture it in camera.

Stephanie is enthusiastic, professional and highly courteous on every job. The overall aim is to make you, the customer, feel both comfortable and provide you with an enjoyable photographic experience throughout the whole process. Your satisfaction is paramount in everything we do.

With 15 years photographic experience ranging from photo-journalism, family photography, commercial, weddings and a qualified teacher; we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we want to pass on to you.






your questions

Here are a few of the questions that we receive most often, if you would like to know anything else, then get in touch and I will update this section!

What camera do you use?

I am firmly in the Canon camp.  I used film SLRs (professional range of cameras) when I was a teen on work experience at a national newspaper.  There I learned how to properly use a camera.  They developed this films in the office and scanned them into the first versions of photoshop.  Incredible experience.  At that time they also started using the first high end professional digital Canon SLRs.  I joke with fellow students that if you chopped me in half, I would have Canon written in circles!  *Disclaimer – I am not on commission!*

My kit bag consists of everything I need at your photo shoot and wedding.  I use Canon 5d Mk2 bodies with professional L series lenses.  A variety of those too.  It is all contained in the most funky of bags, rather than the boring black backpacks.

I also have an emergency pack; paracetemol, plasters, lip gloss, change and perfume for those absolute emergencies.

Why is photography expensive?!

Ah, I love this question. You have to think about the longevity of your wedding day.  After the cake has been eaten and you’ve partied your socks off with the great live band; all that will remain is the photography.  In the grand scheme of things you wouldn’t skimp on your dress or venue as they are regarded as the main aspects of the wedding day.  Photography is too and you are paying for that knowledge and experience of a photographer that knows how to handle change and unexpected events.  What happens if the heavens open and it starts pouring?  Well, we have white golf umbrellas in the car for use and a studio set up of lights to take indoors so you don’t miss out on your precious family photos.  Insurance is key.  We are insured to the hills and have back ups of everything.  Batteries – 10 camera batteries and a 12 pack of AAs.  Just incase.

The products you receive, whether they are albums or canvas wall art pieces, are made from the highest quality materials in the UK.  They are not supermarket material, these are quality bespoke pieces that range from 3 – 4 figures in price.  They will last for decades.  The cheap canvas from online won’t I’m afraid.

Do you travel?

I read a quote recently that said this; “Photography and Travel are the Perfect Pair”  I could not agree more!

The company is based in Berkshire, but I am originally from Edinburgh.  With friends and family still back up home, the M6 toll is my best friend.  Travelling is not an option and we would be delighted to travel to your location.  Travel will be charged and potential over night stay before hand to make sure we are fresh and ready for our working day ahead.  Also, please get in touch for destination photography packages.

Can I have the copyright and the RAW files?

In short, no.  Sorry.  There is a big difference between the client asking for the copywrite and asking for the right to use the photographers images.  The copyright will forever be held with the photographer as that is their creative baby.  Even though it may be the best photograph of you ever taken, that photograph still is owned by the photographer.  You can however, have the right of use to the images.  This means, that you could take them to Boots (eek-quality!) to print them for personal use only.  Totally fine.  If however you are writing a book and would like to use it as a front cover, this would need to be discussed with the photographer and arrangements made.

What training do you have?

I am a firm advocate of learning on the job.  Even though I teach photography in a whole range of places, I would recommend people to get as much practical experience as possible.

As mentioned on the website so far, I started working at newspapers in Scotland, studios, photography developing outlets and running a business.  Throughout that time I studied 9 different photography qualifications and also my teaching qualifications.  Why that many?  Well I wanted to keep my hand in the industry and keep on learning.  Any excuse to buy a new notepad and pencil case….!

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I would love to hear more about you, what you are looking for and how we can help.  We want to capture you looking your best on your wedding day, secure precious moments of the children growing up in photographs, laugh so much we cry at your little one’s first birthday cake smash and teach you so much that you learn to love your camera.

Add as much detail as you can in the contact form below and we so look forward to hearing from you.

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