Smartphone Photography for Businesses Shopping List

Smartphone Photography for Businesses Shopping List

Thanks so much for joining the Smartphone Photograph for Businesses course!

There are so many bits and bobs that we can purchase in the photography world, it can be difficult to find what is important and what won’t be used that often.

This list will be updated when we find great items that will be of use in your photography journey.


These backgrounds are cheaper versions from China and made of thick coated paper/thin card. They are good enough quality for ad-hoc use; the only thing is to be mindful of them coming from around the world – a few of ours were crushed.  You get what you pay for!

Remember you get a great discount code (code in the private group upon request) with PhotoBoards.Org

You will find the backboards on their shop in a variety of colours in addition to what we had on the day of the course.


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