What’s what… 5 ideas for Christmas social media content

Want the details on the festive season, what sells and what works well? Here are some interesting figures to blow your mind!

According to eMarketer, the total holiday retail spending in 2018 was up by 5.4% reaching $998.32 billion.

This figure was broken down into the following:

High street retail showed significant growth in sales with a 3.9% rise reaching up to £809 billion, whereas Online Sales grew by 16.7% reaching up to £115 billion in the holiday spending spree.

Now these figures are HUGE, but think about it more simply… If you could increase your sales on last year by 16.7% what would that look like for you in you pocket?

And the big question is this: of all these new people turning to shopping online (growing every year) what really leads them to click or ultimately buy your product… the photographs you use.

Now, you may say this is an over statement, but stop and think about the purchasing journey; when you look for something online through either Amazon, eBay or Facebook marketplace, it’s really the image of the product your looking at that draws you into the clicking.

After this it’s up to your copy to do the final ‘talking’ to secure the sale, but that visual is always required to be strong to get them to click!

Your client has a need and will follow a buying structure:

-Client searches for the product idea
-Client looks for images that best represent the item or service they are interested in
-Client will click the most appropriate or best image to look further into the item or service.

So now with the festive season approaching fast and everyone is ready to part with their hard earned cash; wouldn’t you like a piece of the pie?

But how? If I’m saying that images are the king to sales, then how can you use this to your advantage without spending loads of cash or doing lots of training and wasting valuable time?

Here are 5 ways to help you create more targeted festive content!

1: use your ‘Header’

Think of either your website or Facebook page.

Your header picture should clearly show and be in keeping with your brand and values, but you need to start your potential client on a journey and get them into the festive spirit.

Your header is the first point of contact between you and your client (a front door if you will) and it should be clear what is going on. Do you have a special service, gift item or sales code? Use an image and simple copy to tell them about it and keep them interested!

Take a simple picture of your product or service and use bold festive colours and text to get your point across in as little words as possible to entice them in. Use a design programme like Canva to add in the effects.

2: Offer an offer!

Think about your business and what you offer. Can you offer free delivery, upgrade to next day delivery if bought over this weekend, free gift wrapping?

Offer your product with well planned photographs and a graphic; and you’re well on your way to a sale!

And don’t forget to add a time limit to said offer to increase the ‘Fear of Missing Out’.

3: Share the Joy of Christmas

The next biggest thing is perhaps the BIGGEST thing! YOU!!! You want plenty of opportunities for people to buy into you and not just what they want (and yes this is perhaps more important for service based companies but it’s still applicable across the board for small and medium businesses.)

So while you’re thinking about your products, don’t forget about you and getting yourself in front of the camera for your social media!

People ultimately relate to people, we are social creatures and want to get to know the person behind the logo. Even if you don’t want to dress up or go into the loft to grab your Christmas tree or fairy lights then just take a picture that shows you ‘doing’ or ‘creating’ with a few added festive touches to the image. Instant Christmassy selfie!

4: giveaway anyone?

Giveaways and competitions are always a winner; perfect for fun engagement on your page too. If you run a competition for a certain amount of time, then the other posts you have running on your page have a more chance of being seen, you will be more recognised in the industry you are in and it puts a smile on the face of the winner!

The offer should be backed up by images that offer a clear and concise small peak into your business so anyone not familiar with you will know immediately what it is the offering or be at least enough to entice them into entering the completion. You not only have extra awareness but even people who didn’t know you before now are at least aware of you and your business. PLUS you can capture that information to target adverts later on if you fancy. Perfect!

Create a festive graphic with your logo, what you are selling and post away! Ask your community to help share with their friends for extra visibility.

5: christmas conversations

Here’s the bottom line… conversation through pictures. We find images evocative, memorable and emotional and planning those visuals in the run up to the festive season is such a useful use of time. Even if people who do see your stuff and don’t buy from you this time around; is still a win because you have already started a visual conversation with them. In the future when they see something you put out they should already be aware of your brand and recognise you. This creates a feeling of trust far more established than that with your completion that might post the same pic over and over again.

Christmas isn’t just about sales, it’s about starting a friendship! When they think of your type of product or service they should at least give you a thought and remember what they saw on social media.

Don’t forget to speak, chat and get to know your audience too; it doesn’t have to be sell, sell, sell. It’s about getting to know them on a personal level too as small business owners.

Ask what their favourite Christmas songs, drinks, movies and wish them a Happy Christmas.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions, join our free Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/PerfectProductPhotos/ or email [email protected] or feel free to send a message through the website here!

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