As small businesses, we know that our web presence is as important now as it has ever been.  Our prospective clients are going to our websites, Facebook page, LinkedIn profiles and a whole host of other locations to find our products and services.

Question is though, what are they finding when they land on our online homes?  You have completed the hard part, getting a client to your website to buy, but are they being captivated by the images that are on your website and urgently wanting to make a purchase?

Recent studies have shown the importance of good online marketing images, even subtle changes for eBay purchases – would you buy the well photographed item or a snapshot?  Think back to different items you have seen on Etsy, Not On The High Street and all of the sales emails that land in your inbox every day; these are all image heavy for a reason.

Is your business a service led company?  Then perhaps it is even more important for you to have photographs of yourself, in your work environment doing what you do to give the consumer that know and like trust before they impart their money for your services.

Here are the top 5 photographs that any business should have on their website to increase engagement and potentially sales:

1. A photograph of you!  People need people and want to know the person behind the logo.  This is particularly important if you have a service led business where people are buying you and your expertise.  iPhones are great at taking photographs these days, but nothing says professional business owner than a beautiful portrait of you that really shines with personality! 

2.  Photographs of you producing your work.  Your professionalism and expertise will shine through when you are working on your products and services in front of the camera.  This gives your audience a real feel for what you do – your studio, workspace, products all build a picture of your company and give the right impressions for clients to connect with you.

  3. It doesn’t have to be a studio white background photograph.  Add life into your portraits and context.  The below head shots are lovely for what they are, but it doesn’t tell you what they do?  Actor, author, accountant, hair dresser?  With having photographs taken as a lifestyle photographer approach, it gives life and personality to your photographs.  

4.  Include detail photographs.  Detail images are perfect for your website as a gallery header, contact page image or social media post.  This adds diversity of images to your website and again gives viewers a further insight into you and your business.  It is intriguing and shows a connection to you and your company.

5    Your products!   Remember your client is purchasing through your website and the image will need to represent honestly what they are purchasing.  Photograph your product from different angles to show a complete view, as well as photographing them in the best light.  You don’t want shadowy photographs of your products as this will affect the colours and textures of your goods.  If you are a services supplier, then photographs of your salon products, shampoos, nail varnishes, oils, tools – anything that you utilise and work with will be incredible to add to your business look.


I hope this blog has been useful and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch – [email protected]

Stephanie Cronin.

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