The blog this week is all about 5 photos every small business needs; have a read through them and see how many you can check off your list! If you don’t recognise too many, how can you implement them into your social media marketing?

5 photos every small business needs – You and Your product!

1 – The key element that makes you different to the other company working in the same industry is you. Plain and simply – you. People want to connect with the person behind the logo, to support them in their business and buy from someone you like! Being a personal brand or a business brand are two different things. Think of the personal brand as you and if you are refelected throughout your business. If it is a business brand, then the person is still important, but it’s the whole look and feel. Take Waitrose for example; we know they are targeting a more affluent demographic than some of the budget companies, yet we don’t know who Mr Waitrose is. Think about how you could show up in your company to reflect that.

2 – The previous tip was about the importance of having a photograph of you on your social media and website. If that scares you as a newly established business, then start small. Start with a photograph of you making, creating or working on your business. Card maker? Flat lay of your card and you can assemble the embellishments to it. Florist? Photo of the bouquet and you tying the ribbon. See, there are lots of different ways to show up in your business and get visible – then build up to seeing more of your face! What photograph can you take?

3 – Of course, your product has to feature quite highly on your website and social media! But how do you photograph it? Fill the photograph with your product as a full close up shot. Sofa upholsterer? Then have the sofa arms to the left and right of the image and the height of the sofa to the top and bottom. Same for jewellery, or any product really. It shows the size and the product in full view so your customer can make an informed decision. Can you think of any photograph on your account that maybe has too much space around it?

4 – Quite the opposite to the previous photograph, we need to show the product up close and personal. Knitter? Photograph the stitch that you used. Hand crafted silver bangle? We want to see the clasp and the metal texture. How easy is this for you to create with you product?

5 – What is the use of your product? Hat maker for dogs? Put it on the dog! People may get confused if it is for a child and then might get disappointed if not fit for purpose!

By seeing the product in action, helps the customer imagine how they could use that image and almost day dream about what it would be like to have that item in their possession.

What can you change in your photos? I would love to hear from you and see some images that you create! Get in touch at [email protected] or visit our social media accounts here:

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