5 Tips to Help You at any Wedding Show or Fair by BRIDE: Ascot Racecourse Wedding Photographer

5 Tips to Help You at any Wedding Show or Fair by BRIDE: Ascot Racecourse Wedding Photographer

Wedding fairs are a wonderful place to visit to get you started on your wedding planning journey!  From tiny little hotel showcases, to big hotel Sunday fairs and the huge wedding show weekends, there are certainly plenty to keep you occupied in the Spring/Autumn months when they are typically on.

Wedding fairs and shows are events where you get the opportunity to talk face to face with photographers, videographers, florists, cake makers, stationery houses and every other supplier that you could possibly need.  Most shows also have bridal wear attending and if it is a big show, they might have a catwalk fashion show. This is a great opportunity to see a variety of dresses and how they “move” – quite different to seeing them on a hanger.

But if you are newly engaged and needing to sort everything, then where do you start?  They are pretty big, with lots of suppliers and is easy to get bamboozled with offers, promos and sparkly objects everywhere!

We have compiled a list to keep you sane, keep the boys entertained and get you ticking off the wedding to-do list (wed-list?!) like a ninja.

If you can think of any others, then comment below!

  1. Write a paper list of every type of supplier you want to see. You can write it on your phone, but the satisfaction from ticking things off a paper list is the best feeling ever! And you know, stationery!  When you have your list of suppliers, try to stick to that list first.  Once you get through the key ones, then you can be a bit more free with who you go and see.
  2. Do your homework in advance. A lot of the wedding shows will publicise the suppliers attending, so you could look at their Instagram and website to give you an idea in advance. If something takes your eye, make a note of them and pop in to say hello on the day.
  3. Go with a variety of people.  Visit with your bridesmaids or close friends to get an honest support group. Make sure you visit with your husband to be too so he can get involved in the planning! Or you may want to visit on your own if you want some solitude!
  4. You will be given 1000’s of leaflets. Great to go through when you get home, but if you really clicked with that supplier, why not take a photograph of their leaflet so you have their details on your camera roll, then you can follow them on social media and start building relationships.
  5. Photography specific – photography is the one supplier that is with you all day. It is such a personal and close relationship that you have with your photographer. Make sure you speak with the photographers on the day and ask yourself if you could go out for dinner with them – this usually is a good sign that they are the right photographer for you!


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