So you’re sat down with a coffee right now reading this blog post wondering just how to make your product photos Christmas ready? Yes?! Good! Here is 5 Ways To Make Your Photos Festive

The question is, what can you do to make this happen? Is it simple and straightforward or timely and complicated? Cheap or expensive?

Well the short answer is, it takes as long as you want and costs as much or as little as you want; but with our 5 ways to make your photos festive, should cost you nothing apart from an hour or so of your time – and a rummage in the attic for the Christmas decorations!

Let’s jump into the 5 ways to make your photos festive and find out the answers to our photography dilemma.

1: Lighting

Natural light is the free way to create the best images but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m referring to festive lights, your Christmas tree, candles, wood stove, and roaring fires. Including lights in your scene is all about creating ambience and atmosphere. Want to feel warm and snuggly? Bamn! That’s one option.

2: Be Inspired

No idea what to take pictures of? Need a different avenue to come at this from? Then flip it around on it head and think of what Christmas means to you! Think of your childhood, films, music favourite moments. Is there a way to tie any of that into your business? A saying or moment that can help give you an idea of an image for your product or service? If so, be inspired and shoot what feels good to you! At the very least you’ll have fun and enjoy the feelings photographing it and ultimately your brand is you! So you may just make a connection with someone else who shares a similar memory. So go stick on Elf, or listen to Christmas tunes and get inspired!

3: Props Anyone?

So Christmas is the KING of props! Not only are the shops full of random decorations, some gaudy, some beautiful, some fragile; but either way it’s the ultimate holiday so get ready to add the glitz and glam to your business pics!

This one is very simple: take your product or service and add glitter… baubles, lights, fake snow, crackers, trees, mistletoe, greetings cards, fire, wrapping paper, bow ties, brandy, cookies, boxes, bells, robins, strong colours of red, green and gold and there you have it. Experiment with using different elements and seeing what works best and stands out to you! It’s great fun and as long as you don’t drop the glitter on the floor (don’t ask) it shouldn’t take you the best part of a year to eventually clean it all up!

4: Picture The Copy!

Yes I know, I’m a photographer and I’m harping on about how important the pictures are but its also worth considering the copy to go with your images and can sometimes really help with helping to choose the correct type of images you need.

For example you are a gift maker and design engraved signs. You have an offer you want to run for the festive season so you have that already in your head. So lets say you want to offer 50% off your wares for the first 3 days of December so limiting the time its available.

So try to create your offer and then design your picture to suit and think of ways to make the copy Christmas appropriate and catchy! It’s ok to be cheesy at Christmas as we all love a good Christmas cracker joke and help get our audience in the festive mood! So your image is of your product and 50% off offer on the image somewhere and your copy reads “I hope this sale doesn’t become too popular as the last time we offered this type of sale we had to get ‘Elf and safety’ involved to keep us safe in our workshop. Cheesy and wrong yet ohhh so right for Christmas and lets your clients know your have a sense of humour and it ties in with the season – bonus all round!

5: Back Up (Beep Beep)

Well back ‘grounds’ actually but you get the idea! Here’s the thing; your product or service with festive items and funny copy is all well and good but the background plays a vital role in rounding off the feel and effectiveness of the picture.

Let’s say you create beautiful sweets or cakes, you create a few festive varieties and get your Christmas props and place them down in your kids sand box (unlikely but stay with me). When you look at the picture sand as the supporting act really doesn’t work at all as its diametrically opposed to the ‘feel’ you’re going for of cold and cosy. But take the same picture on a surface thats pure white or covered in fake snow now you are onto a snowy winner!

So when thinking about your pictures think lighting, think personal, think props, think copy and think background.

Now go and shoot the most festive, biggest selling pictures of your businesses life and let us know how you get on!

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