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5 Ways To Plan Your Berkshire Marquee Wedding by Berkshire Wedding Photographer Summers Photography

Claire and John married at Trunkwell House in Reading under a pure blue sky and archway of luxury flowers.

It was a wonderful day with much laughter, love and magical moments.  Claire and John put so much care and attention into their wedding day style and we are starting to see this trend even more.

The modern take on a classic white wedding has been around for decades; but it’s on a bigger stage now.  Here are our top 5 tips if you are planning your white marquee, floral, modern wedding:

  • Think outdoor wedding – if your venue has a licence for outdoor ceremonies, then consider that for a natural, airy and special outdoor ceremony.  Venues that do this well include Easthamsptead Park, Wokefield Estate,
  • Marquee wedding – pure white canvas with floor to ceiling windows is one way to go for a light and airy wedding and reception. Claire and John were married at Trunkwell House, but there are so many more wedding venues that offer marquee weddings in Berkshire including Ditton Manor, Riverside Marquee, Hurley House and Northbrook for permanent indoor marquee.
  • Flowers are key when wanting to make a statement. Large clusters of hydrangeas paired with roses will be a showstopper when designed around your wedding venue.  Think about where you can have flowers for ceremony – top table, arches, flower walls, in hurricane vases along the aisle; then perhaps these arrangements can be moved into your wedding reception.
  • The decor on your tables can all tie together too – from the stationery with thick card stock and metallic embellishment, to the crockery you use on the day; it is completely up to you how you want to style it.  There are design companies out there that will lay temporary carpet and drapes to disguise an usual wallpaper or blue carpet!  Talk about acrylic modern touches.
  • Consider a dress code. Black tie is becoming a more popular theme to British weddings and is incredibly stylish.

I hope that helps with your planning for your white wedding! Would you add anything to it?
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