6 Way to Use Your Personal Brand Photographs. Once you have your personal brand photoshoot, what do you do with the images? Well the obvious answer is update your profile photographs, but there is soooo much you can do with them! As Berkshire personal brand photographers, our aim is to create images that give you mileage in your marketing.

On today’s blog, we are looking at the top 6 Way to Use Your Personal Brand Photographs this week for an instant business spring clean.

1) Spring clean your visual presence

Update your profile pictures on everything from social media, your email signature, Google sign in; everywhere! Use a selection of images from the same “”chapter”” of the shoot; i.e if your images were taken in a co-working space and we used 4 areas as different backgrounds, choose 1 of those mini areas to show the connection between the images when a prospective client views your website and your socials.

2) Managing your images

Why not upload them all to Canva? If you are needing extra space, it’s a brilliant website to store your images if you are going to design them into graphics. You can even pay monthly for the Canva Pro and that gives you unlimited storage. The possibilities are endless on Canva; it’s a brilliant resource to create your full marketing suite as you can save your brand colours, fonts and logos!

3) Collaborations and joint venturing

Do you do PR, publicity and speaking events? You will be asked for a professional photograph for the bio, but have you thought about networking with your demographic and using a selection of images to pitch ideas? You never know where that could take you!

4) Google My Business

Google is the all knowing website and does a fantastic job at getting your business seen. But, you need to feed it. It cannot do this without content. Why not update your Google Images section on Google My Business and share your content with the public; you never know they could become fans.

5) Content planning

How far in advance do you plan your marketing? Make sure that in your shoot you plan for some lifestyle stock library images that are perfect for newsletter and blog headers. Then your brand images will be consistent with what you are sending out to clients and what they are seeing on social media. It all comes together in one big package!

6) Printed marking material

Do you send out leaflets with products or service on-boarding packs to your clients? If so, then time for an overhaul!

I hope you have enjoyed these 6 tips about ideas to use your personal brand photographs and if you have any great ideas that I could add to this list then let me know!

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