Before booking your personal brand photographer, it’s an idea to really make sure that their style fits your brand, but you might also have questions about what your brand looks like. If you are a vintage, light and whimsical brand; then that may / may not suit our bold and contrasting colours and that’s ok! There is a photographer out there for everyone, we can help you with 7 Questions to Ask Your Personal Brand Photographer.

We discuss the thoughts and plans before the session and discuss what’s required from both sides. For example, one of our recent clients brand is monochrome. I really tried to find a suitable location and the PERFECT spot just had a new facade built and it was perfect – white wall, black wooden panneling – awesome! It may not have been full of colour like our usual images; but it still had Summers Photography flavour of fun and high energy images.

A photographer always has a certain style that has taken years to hone. It’s not something that can be changed easily; but the environment can be changed to reflect your brand and we document it!

Phew! That’s a lot of information but I hope it puts your mind at rest if you are looking for your next personal brand photo shoot!

7 Questions to Ask Your Personal Brand Photographer. Question 1 – Getting prepared. Hands up who loves a list?!

As an wedding and events photographer for years; I know just how important it is to be organised. If you are not, the whole photo section just falls apart. Even though we are talking a handful or even just one person for a brand shoot; it’s always so important to get the session planned with a photo request list. Why are you having the shoot in the first place? Where are you looking in your business that feels images are missing or needing updated? That’s the first place where we start with planning your shoot. The design and concept of the shoot through discussions around the location, outfits, colour theory, who needs to be involved, the customer journey; all the important areas we need to represent in your photo shoot. That’s how we get organised!

The next big question we get asked often is what about hair and make up if they don’t wear loads of make up?

That’s fine! Don’t wear make up that you don’t feel comfortable wearing; it’s you we want to see and not an alter-ego! We recommend a good base of foundation, mascara to open the eyes and something glossy on the lips; that all reflects light on the face and looks lovely and fresh.

“I hate having my photo taken!”

That’s probably one of the first things I hear when I speak to a new client! Ok, I get it. It’s not the most natural thing to be doing, but we need to let that go. It’s super easy to say that, but think of the long term benefits that having these photos will bring to your business, your client won’t see XYZ that you dislike – they will see an authentic business person looking back at them and will want to connect with you. And remember, what we speak is what we listen to – so no “”I hate having my photo taken”” during the shoot – embrace it and have a confidence boost – you will look amazing! Positivity rules all the way here!

How many photos do I get with my personal brand photo shoot and do I get copyright with them?

Well; this completely differs from client to client depending on what they have photographed. A standard hour session with a few different set ups would be upwards from 40 images. We aim to give you at least enough to cover content for 1 post per day for a month from a 1 hour shoot as chances are you may only use those images once every 3 days giving you a longer run for your money. Copyright is a tricky area. To really break it down; the photographer always retains the copyright – the person that clicks the button always retains the copyright. What our clients receive is a licence to use them in whichever way they wish. For marketing and biz purposes is standard included, if you are writing a book about your field of expertise, then we would need to create a further licence for the printed material. It’s a complicated area, but let us know what they are going to be used for and we can go from there!

Where have you photographed before and can you recommend any locations?

This is another top question that really comes back down to asking you what you want the shoot to look like that reflects your brand! Funky, vibrant and cool street art may look amazing for a fashion brand, but doesn’t quite align with a corporate business coach for retired women creating their side hustle. We have an extensive list of locations that range from free to a few hundred £££’s to hire the space for the day or half day. Really consider what you want the shoot to look like and we can recommend a few options.

What do I need to bring? I’ve no idea about props!

How does it work in terms of fitting in with my colour palette and brand?

View our blog about choosing the right location for your personal brand shoot here

Does that help with getting you planned for your photo shoot? I hope that helps answer the 7 Questions to Ask Your Personal Brand Photographer, they are the key questions that come up regularly and just know this will help pull it all together. I would love to hear from you and see some images that you create! Get in touch at [email protected] or visit our social media accounts here:

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