About Summers Photography

Lead Photographer

Stephanie Cronin

Stephanie has been photographing since she was 16 years old.  Both her Dad and Grandfather both worked in newspapers, so you could say photography is in her blood!  You will always find her taking pictures, either with her “work” camera or iPhone, everything deserves to be documented.

Some of Steph’s favourite things: Crisp Autumn walks, time with Steve and Thor, Starbucks coffee with friends, experiencing new places and Malibu!

Senior Photographer

Stevie Cronin

Steve is Stephanie’s husband, they were married in 2008 and Steve started photographing weddings with Steph that year.  He loves the details in photography and can often be found photographing a window, door or rust/wooden beam/flaking paint!!

Some of Steve’s favourite things: Long walks with Thor (their Cocker Spaniel), sitting on the stoney beach in Beer, Devon, enjoying Starbucks with a paper and holidays with his wife!

Associate Photographer

Kirsty Corbett

Kirsty is the Summers Photography associate photographer.  She achieved 3xDistinction Stars for her photography qualification at Bracknell and Wokingham College where Steph taught her 5 years ago.  Kirsty adores photographing female portraits, brides on the day of their wedding and has a strong fashion editorial feel to her portfolio.

Some of Kirsty’s favourite things:  Holidays with the girls, walks with her two doggies and creating beautiful work with her camera.


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