Anxiety expert, hypnotherapist and author personal brand photo shoot Marlow Buckinghamshire

It was a pleasure to work with Clare from Creating Calm; an anxiety expert, hypnotherapist and author based in Marlow. Clare was looking for a personal brand photo shoot with a bit of a difference; it wasn’t the usual business images you would expert. As she supports people with calming therapies, she wanted to showcase how she relaxes. 

After discussing during our consultation how this looks, we opted to speaking to Clare’s local coffee shop and reserving a table next to a window in advance and had a natter over a pot of tea. We used this time to check her phone as if she were posting to social media or as a great contact us page image. 

Other elements included reading, using and preparing essential oils, mindfulness and breathing techniques and lastly getting outdoors and walking her lovely dog. 

These images were suitably branded to Clare through what she wore and the relaxing space of the cafe and her cabin work environment. It’s a joy to see the images being used theoughoit social media and wonderful that she used them as event cover images on Facebook – due to Covid she created a host of online workshops. 

Your brand images can be used for every element of your business. If you are looking for a Berkshire personal brand photographer then do get in touch at our contactcontact page or email [email protected][email protected]


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