5 ways to clear my mind and is it important. I was having a conversation with a friend recently and to be quite honest; I sounded frantic.

It was like an out of body experience to hear myself saying that life just feels so busy, I’m working all the time, I’m tied to the laptop, it’s always clock watching for the next thing to get done.

Since when is that a bad thing though? Since when did busy become a badge of honour? “Oh I’m so busy” is most likely one of the top things we say in our house! Isn’t it mad!

It shows a full life, a busy business that nearly crumbled in the pandemic in 2020, something that I am hugely grateful that we are still here today to tell the tale. It shows a support network of nursery that our little one is in and having the luxury of going to activities as a family and a group of friends that I cannot wait to see and hug. I am a hugger and I have missed it so much this year!

I know that life is fast paced these days and feels on the go all the time; it was only until I was having this conversation that I really had to sit up and listen to the words and the story I am speaking out loud.

So here I am telling you lovely reader, that as a Mum, Wife, Business Owner and Friend; I want to do better.

I want to do better at turning off the phone, connecting with friends and not checking my emails, being present in the moment with anyone taking in their questions and responding. Having that time carved out in your day to just have some space away is what is keeping my mind clear.

These are my 5 ways to clear my mind that I have done over the past few weeks:

  • Take 5 minutes to sit outside (even if it is chilly – put the big jacket and a blanket on!)
  • Walk around the block a couple of times. It clears my mind and shifts something in my thought process.
  • Listen to some of my favourite music.
  • Download the app “Calm” and listen to either the waves, some twinkly music or one of their mindfulness tracks.
  • I am not one for reading when I feel “full” from tasks; I feel as if it is more going into my head.
  • Have a cuddle with the dog!

It’s Bank Holiday weekend and we are tuning out. Enveloping ourselves in activities that top up the spirit! A few days out this weekend for family time, it feels great to know that it is in the diary and that we can even do that. Being a completely self-employed household is tricky at times; but moments like this is definitely a perk for that time together.

What’s your best tip for managing the fullness of life? Would love to add some of your recommendations to the list!

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