Aren’t these the brightest brand images you have ever seen!?  We had such fun on this photo shoot and that is evident throughout the whole series of photographs.

Helen and I met on an online training course about launching your own online courses.  It was so great for both of us where I launched my online photography training and Helen launched an online running and lifestyle training site. 

We met over herbal tea and discussions on how to plan for the photo session.  Helen’s brand look is citrus – oranges, lemon and lime colours!  So we knew we needed as much colour injected as possible.  Our photographic style is all about bright colours, so this was a perfect combination!  

As these images were going to be used for mainly marketing material, it was decided to do them in a studio environment where we could control the lighting, ambience and have all of the props ready to go.  The background studio papers were orange, green and yellow, we added studio lights onto them to make them really pop and 4 sides of A4 sheets of paper for poses, emotions and a multitude of props ranging from the healthy colourful fruits and veggies to the ginormous bars of chocolate and huge glasses of wine! 

It was almost like a fashion shoot where the model changes outfits every few clicks of the camera, but this was more like lettuce out, oranges in! 

The shoot went by in a flash – pun intended – and as we were wrapping up the shoot in March, the snow was starting to really come down!  Such a contrast between the summer feel indoors to the snowy winter outside! 

If you are interested in lifestyle changes from a successful multi-marathon runner, then follow Helen’s page below:

Contact us through the website or email [email protected] if you have a photo shoot in mind.

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