Today is Thursday 13th May 2021.

Do you know what significance that date has?

It is 1 year since we launched Capture Your Brand.

I could not be prouder of the development our members have had in the past 12 months.

Here’s a little history about how Capture Your Brand came to be.

We set out to create a monthly membership that breaks down photography principles for small business owners who have a lot on their plates, photography being one of them and knowing that you are all time poor, we thought this was the best way to deliver that important training to you. I have been teaching in various forms since I was 20. The photography has always been there from part time, weekends and then full time later on. 16 years later of teaching and I have taught:

  • Customer service courses to the staff at Heathrow Airport,
  • ALevel photography at local college and art schools in Berkshire
  • Over 500 students in person courses for my own business well pre-covid.

I’ve dabbled with online photography courses for years and it never worked to the way I wanted. Facebook ads and all the “launching” work used to exhaust me. Give me a group of people to teach – that’s what I wanted to do, not all the mechanics of it; that wasn’t creative!

Then in 2020 when we felt our business was collapsing around us, we brain stormed and brain stormed some more to really dig deep what I wanted to do in my business.

I wanted to be of use.

I wanted to be a help to the small businesses that were terrified of what covid meant for their company.

I knew there was a way to help them at least make a few extra product sales and move their efforts online.

It worked. We have had feedback from our clients that they have seen massive changes in their business. Consistency of images, overall cleaner brand, increased engagement on social media, more sales, extra confidence as they now have an idea on which direction to go in. Magazine publications, collaborations and friendships being forged.

It really is wonderful to see.

 Thank you again to the support of our wonderful community in Capture Your Brand; they are the ones that should be celebrating their success!

Steph and Steve at Summers Photography – Founders of Capture Your Brand.

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