Capturing Professional Looking Images of Your Kids During the Summer Holidays!

How many times have you tried to get beautiful looking images of your children at the park, in your garden or on your holiday and they just turn out rubbish?!  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Take amazing photographs without being disappointed in them with our professional secrets of the trade!

These top tips are for all types of cameras including iPhones and smart phones, pocket cameras, bridge cameras and of course SLR / DSLR’s.  For camera setting advice, look further down the blog !

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1) Get on the Same Level – Eye Level!

1) Get on the same level as your little one. If you photograph them from above, they will look tiny! By lying on the floor with them or crouching down, they will appear normal size and correcting perspective.  Make sure you wear old jeans as  you will get mucky!  But so worth it when you achieve the correct perspective!


2) Make it All About Fun & Games!

2) When a child is sitting on a step or bench on their own, then it can often look quite solitary. Start to bring in movement; who can hug the hardest, jumping the highest, what flowers can you see and who can run the quickest often create relaxed and natural looks!

If you introduce a skipping rope, hula hoop, bubbles, painting a picture or even baking they can all make fantastic images of your little one and helps tell the story of their day.

3) Expressions and How to Achieve Them

3) Shouting Cheese and Sausages doesn’t always help to get the best, relaxed photos! Candid and natural really are beautiful time pieces of your child and show their stages of growth. By having a member of the family next to you to tell the jokes if you want an off camera laugh or try telling a joke or saying something funny yourself; makes for great face on laughs!

However, you may not always want the big cheesy grins and laughter, you may want a more serene moment.  Ask the kids to hug and to name something they love about each other, or ask what their favourite friend is or favourite colour; it starts to get their little minds working and you will capture their spirit in that little snap shot.

BONUS: Tweenies

Teenagers and twenty-somethings are into the whole selfie craze and just want to do a model pose!  Let them; if that is what they feel comfortable doing, then let them.  But then get them laughing, get them distracted and achieve natural looking images as well.  Curl their hair with their fingers, get the boys to pop their hands in their jeans, practice asking them to look 45degrees just past you and the camera and you will soon start to find a pattern that works for you and your Tween.

BONUS: The Camera Settings

This is the interesting bit!

Majority of these images were taken between using full Manual control of the camera or Aperture Priority.  I LOVE that blurry background and you can achieve it by controlling how much you want in focus/out of focus with the aperture.

Settings were:
Between f1.8 and f3.5 for the aperture to achieve a blurred background
Fast shutter speed to control movement and sharp photographs
ISO all around 200 as there was plenty of light available in each session

– Canon 5d Mark 2 and 3
– 50mm f1.8 lens
– 24-70 f2.8 lens
– 70-200 f2.8 lens

That is all professional quality equipment, but to achieve close to results, why not look into purchasing the 50mm f1.8 lens (under £100) and an entry level SLR (under £300 new and around £200 second hand)

By using an SLR camera, you are taking control of your images and achieving exactly what you are looking for in your minds eye!  Trust me, it won’t be instant and it does take time, but you will so get there with practice!

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​If you know any friends or family that would love to have these tips to photograph their kids this summer, then please share this post with them!

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