Choosing Your Wedding Venue in Berkshire by Summers Photography Wedding Photographer Bracknell

Choosing Your Wedding Venue in Berkshire by Summers Photography Wedding Photographer Bracknell

Have you been on the wedding fair shuffle?  Visiting lots of wedding venues in Berkshire on your days off can be a full time job in itself!

There is so much to consider, do you want the dream wedding castle from the pages of a fairytale, or something a bit more minimalist in its design?

In the Bracknell, Wokingham, Reading, Maidenhead, Windsor and Ascot, Berkshire areas; we have so many beautiful wedding venues ranging from stately homes, cute barns, modern hotels and pretty outdoor spaces that are perfect for marquee weddings.

Top 5 Points to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Venue:

  1. Does the style fit you and your partner?  Are you looking for grand tall ceilings with chandeliers that could be a French chateaux?  Or a bright and vibrant modern feel?  There are so many venues available that all have their own style and personality.  If you are modern in your views, would you opt for minimalist?  If you are having a traditional wedding, then perhaps something with history and grandeur could be up your alley.  The most important – you need to have a connection with the venue and feel that it could be the perfect location for your day.
  2. What do you love about the venue and how can you see photographs being taken in those areas?  When you have viewed your venue and confirmed your booking, walk around the venue with a view to choose your ideal locations.  Does it have exquisite doors or columns? Or a hidden grotto and bridge?  A favourite tree or bench?  Make a note of these and take a few snaps on your phone to share with your photographer as ideal locations for group or couple photographs.  This builds a profile for your photographer on where to plan photography time.
  3. What happens if it rains?  Are there places for you to take photographs?  When looking to book your wedding venue, bare in mind the good ole’ British weather. If it is a marquee in the middle of a field, what happens if it has been raining all week and the grounds are wet?  This wouldn’t be so bad if you were in Spain, but think about how you could create space if the weather is bad outdoors.  However if you are having your wedding at a house or large venue, then make sure there are places indoors that can be used for photographs. If it is only one room where you are having your wedding breakfast, then even that might be tricky for groups. Brave it with a brolly to make use of your outdoor space and have lovely natural images.
  4. How does it look in every season? If you are venue shopping in one season, how does it look in the month you are going to get married?  Are you planning on having an Autumn or Winter wedding?  This will look very different if you are venue shopping in the warmer weather months.  Be sure to ask your wedding venue whether they have images of how the grounds look during the colder months as well as real weddings to see how they dealt with the elements. 
  5. Does it lend itself to your vision and can it be dressed in the way you would like it to?  Is the venue a blank canvas or does it already have its own styled decor?  By having a room that is more of a blank canvas lends itself really well to designing your own colour scheme and design.  If it already has strong colours, be sure to use a complementing colour palette that suits the age of venue.

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