What could be better than doing a successful brand shoot for a client? Probably doing it for a client who happens to be from the same industry as you! At Summers Photography, we do a lot of personal brand photo sessions for various clients from different businesses. In the process, we end up learning so much about the innovative and effective strategies these dynamic entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses. And that is such an enriching experience. However, I (Stephanie) have to say that it feels special and rewarding at the same time when someone from your own business line expresses their interest in hiring your services.

More than anything else, for me, it’s like a pat on my back from a professional belonging to my own field acknowledging the work that I do at Summers Photography! It’s such a privilege to be asked by a fellow photographer to create their personal brand photographs, and I was absolutely delighted to have this experience when photographer Claire Drillingcourt asked me to do a lifestyle personal brand photo shoot to maximize her brand presence. The cherry on top was that our association goes back to a time when we were both trying our hands at photography! I first met Claire on our beginner’s photography course years ago, so it was pretty exciting to see her develop from a beginner to now making a business out of her craft. Claire wanted to create a new website, social media, and a brand presence as a nursery and family photographer, and I’m glad that together we created lots of fantastic brand photos during our session in Reading, Berkshire.

Lifestyle Personal Brand Photography

When speaking of style, Claire does her nursery photographs a little differently. She documents everything outdoors and takes pictures of children playing instead of the usual white studio background look many others use. She wants children to be children and likes to have that playful and colourful element in her photographs. So, Claire wanted to have her photo shoot outdoors so that the shoot could depict the natural element of her style and, therefore, chose Caversham Gardens in Reading as the shoot location.

To ensure that the shoot was what Claire needed, she asked her previous clients if they would be willing to attend the session and have a free photoshoot with her. This arrangement was made so that I could document Claire photographing the families! I feel it must have looked quite funny as two or three cameras were involved in photographing each other, but it actually made for some great and interactive photographs.

To give the shoot a more authentic feel and bring in some variety, Claire made a selection of models for the shoot. We had a maternity model, a mum and toddler, and a young family. This was to give the target audience a real sense of the type of customers Claire would be working with after the children had been photographed in the nursery setting.

When it came to outfits, Claire wanted to have her classic outdoor Joules outfits on. She is a fan of the brand, and the outfits were something she would typically wear in any season while working with her clients. But, as we were working with different models, Claire wanted to have different sets of clothes for each section. So, she wore a black vest top underneath each T-shirt and just changed three or four times. Yes, dressing up for a photo shoot can be as easy as this! It really doesn’t have to be complicated!

All the models were fantastic to work with, and I loved how Claire thanked them for their time with a series of images after the shoot. For me, it had been such an interesting and exciting day. Meeting my client and her clients at the same time was a special treat. It was a privilege to help a fellow photographer with her business branding. And the fun I had throughout our session was a bonus. Also, I’m so happy to see how amazing the photos have come out.

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Claire, you are such a gifted photographer and an absolute delight to work with. I want to thank you for choosing me to do a brand photo shoot for you, and I’m honoured that you trusted me with your business branding. I wish you all the best for your future projects and look forward to collaborating with you again.

Hey readers! If you’re looking for your personal brand photographer in Berkshire, you can contact us at [email protected] or get in touch with us here. To get tips for your photo sessions, read more photography stories, and to learn about my and my team’s shoot experiences, you can read our other blogs. We also provide photography training and photography backgrounds. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, we’re here for you. To see more photos we’ve created and get updates, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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