Do you show your face on social media? WAIT A SECOND! Before you run for the hills, let’s talk about why it is a terrifying, yet liberating experience and most importantly; a business building exercise that you would never believe. 

As a personal brand photographer, I would say that every single one of my clients says “I hate having my photograph taken” and by the end of the shoot with me they have changed their tune to “When can we book another session in?!” 

Having your photograph taken is the first hurdle to showing up in social media. It doesn’t have to be a scary experience, we make it as if we are business friends having coffee and there happens to be a camera there too! 

But this blog isn’t about being professionally photographed. That can come later on in your business journey. I’m talking about why putting ANY photograph of you on your socials or website (as long as it is brand aligned and appropriate to what you do). 

The reason that having photographs of us on our grids and feed is such a powerful way to level up your business, is because you are gaining trust with your customer. 

They are learning who you are, what you do, why you do it and through all these steps, will want to support you. 

If you think of a blogger for a moment; they technically don’t have their own line of products (generally) but they are hired to sell other companies products. Take Mrs Hinch for a moment, possibly a bad example as she does have books and products out already; but she has 4 million followers. 4 MILLION! You cannot even comprehend that many, the Royal Family account has 9million and Waitrose doesn’t even have half a million yet. 

So why does the girl next door in Essex have so many followers? Because she is relatable. I think Sophie is brilliant and what she has accomplished over the past few years is nothing short of fantastic; but she might not be for everyone. 

Sophie’s photographs and portraits are featured on near enough every few posts and certainly on her Instagram stories. People have gotten to know her through these daily updates and she uses photography to connect with her audience as well as influence her audience. 

I used to get really frustrated when I heard that sentence; “it’s a shame they didn’t book you, you might not be for everyone” and I would challenge why not – I am excellent at what I do!! 

But it doesn’t always come down to how good you are at your job; it’s partly to do with the person they are doing business with. Mrs Hinch works as her followers know everything from the time her dog eats dinner and the colour of paint she has used in her new nursery. And people are here for it! When she launches a new collaboration, it sells out. Why? Because if it is good enough for Sophie, then they want to experience it too and people trust her opinion over an advert in a newspaper. 

Do you see that this is all about connections? You are connecting with your audience and they are learning all the time about you and your business. It showcases what you are an expert on and they want to learn or buy from you. 

Having photos of yourself really does level up your business; it captures the best version of yourself through brand photo shoot and even captures the sparkle in your eye with a selfie. 

If you have any questions on showing your face on social media then I would love to hear from you. Contact us through our website here.


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