Easthampstead Park Wedding Photographer – Giulio and Martin

Giulio and Martin celebrated their decades relationship in their beautiful wedding at Easthampstead Park, Bracknell. We first met the couple at Easthampstead Park wedding fair a few years before their wedding and every time we showcased there every 6 months later, they would pop in and have a catch up! By the time the wedding arrived, we must have met about 5 times – it was brilliant.

I don’t think we will ever forget their wedding day, it was close to 40 degrees during that June heatwave and our top priority was fast group photographs in the shade for the safety of our guests. Last thing we wanted was heat stroke for anyone!

The day went swimmingly during this fun and colourful wedding. The wedding had a rainbow theme running through it, with their Italian family member creating the amazing rainbow cake and more than colourful speeches!!

It was a glorious wedding to be a part of and we feel very lucky to have witnessed the day.

If you are thinking about booking a hotel for your wedding, we would 100% say yes. Here is our top 5 reasons of why having a wedding at a hotel makes your life easier:
* Dedicated wedding planner that knows what is happening throughout the whole day from beginning to end!
* No travelling between getting ready site, to ceremony location and onto the reception. There may be a fourth stop during the way if you need to visit a location for your portraits.
* Avoid getting stuck in traffic. We once got stuck behind the wedding car after grid lock in Richmond. Thank goodness we could wave to the couple in front to reassure that we – and the 50 cars behind them – were on the way to the wedding; only an hour late eek.
* Don’t lose guests on the way. We’ve had guests go to the wrong hotel before, or check in to the hotel when group photographs were being held. It wasn’t a problem doing the group again later, but it is nice to have the groups done first so everyone knows they are done and then everyone can go to the bar!
* You have more time. As there is no travelling, you have additional time built into your day for more hugs with your favourite people and clinking the Champagne glasses away!

If you are looking for your Easthampstead Park wedding photographer – we are the longest standing recommended photographer at the venue and you can contact us through our contactwebsite or email [email protected][email protected]

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