How to deal with rain on your wedding day

When booking a wedding in the UK, we tend to hope for the best and think that we will be safe with good weather in the spring/summer months.  That unfortunately is not always the case!  Snow in March, pouring in August, hail in the “summer” are all weather difficulties we have come across over the years.  It is fine and well reading about it, but what happens if it is your wedding?

One of the great things about booking a professional photographer is that they come with a wealth of experience.  There are those things that only a professional would think to bring to a wedding.  I have a selection of clear umbrellas, funky colourful ones and the classic white wedding brollies.  I have a few pairs of wellington boots too in the car boot for those brides that fancy a walk in the grounds in the rain.

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If you don’t fancy getting your tootsies wet, then we enable plan B.

Studio lights and a beautiful area of your wedding venue will be just as spectacular a backdrop as outside.  By bringing my studio lights to a wedding, will lift your photographs to look like the pages of a magazine or a royal wedding!

Wokefield park reading wedding photographer

For those that are not dismayed by bad weather use it to your advantage.  Wellington boots don’t just come in green these days; you can get them in any colour under the rainbow also white boots with ribbon lace ups specifically for the bridal market!

Umbrella shots are cool and inject that atmosphere and colour into grey days.

Don’t worry about those dark clouds either – I always have studio lights for the venue in the car if we need to photograph inside and have lots of portable lights to use outside if you are brave enough to face the elements!

Keep an eye out for any covered outdoor areas at your wedding venue that you like the look of, these will be handy for shaded outdoor photographs.

Don’t think that the bridal portraits are restricted to the mid afternoon period too.  If it does clear up in the evening and you can spare the photographer some more time, then lets do it.  Every opportunity must be utilised when it is dry!

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you through our website or email [email protected]

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