Littleton Park House, Shepperton Studios Wedding Photographer : Abi and Danny

Littleton Park House, Shepperton Studios Wedding Photographer.

You know it is going to be a great wedding when you are told these 3 things from your bride: 1) afternoon tea, 2) giant balloons and 3) dogs in tutus!
 Steve and I photographed the beautiful Abi and Danny at their recent wedding at Littleton Park House, nestled in the heart of Shepperton Studios.

We are so fortunate to be the preferred photographers at both Shepperton and Pinewood studios and we both absolutely adore photographing at both venues – especially when you get gorgeous days like this in April!

The day went without a hitch, the ceremony personalised by a little skit of the best man “forgetting” the wedding rings!  Cue the Super Mario Bros theme song and the cutest Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach that I have ever seen came running down the stairs with the golden rings! Excellent light relief and had everyone erupted in laughter!

Check out our images below from the day, thank you to Abi and Danny for working with us, you both were incredible to be with on the day and we adored your wedding!


P.S – just wait until you see the puppy in the tutu!

With thanks to:

Wedding Venue: Littleton Park House, Shepperton Studios

Event Organiser: Genuine Events 

Event Catering: Genuine Events

Photographer: Summers Photography

Videographers: Alan Lu

Photo Booth: Funky PhotoBox

Bride Dress: Mori Lee

Bridesmaid Dresses: asos.com

Hair Accessories: asos.com

Menswear: Ted Baker and asos.com

Balloons: sarahjonesballoons

Hair and Make Up: Jojo Law daisuki makeup

Cake: Marks and Spencers

Postbox: Hobbycraft

Light up Letters: Hobbycraft

Words from Genuine Events –

This unique and exquisite Manor House dates back to the late 17th century and now nestles in the heart of one of Britain’s most famous film studios. With its elegant black and white marbled floor entrance, an original ornate fireplace and the breath-taking Orangery; it is the ideal backdrop.

Shepperton Studios is absolutely steeped in history, from its naissance as Littleton Park mansion in 1689 as family home for local nobleman Thomas Wood, through three centuries to where it is now as the world-famous, highly respected film studios. Despite a devastating fire in the late 1800s, the first glimmers of its current base in film stardom were sparked in 1931, when Norman Loudon acquired the Studios for his budding film company Sound City. In the 70s, the Old House that now homes our Orangery and Coffee Shop was owned by none other than The Who. During WWII, the Studios had their own part to play in the war effort; their prop-making expertise was channelled into building replica aircraft which were placed on runways to confuse the enemy! Its more conventional use is no less exciting. The sheer number of feature films shot at Shepperton is astounding – at over 150, this consists of well loved, box office and independent pictures. H stage’s 6ft built-in tank posed as the Great Lake in two Harry Potter films, and has housed incredible rigs such as a full-scale of Sir Walter Raleigh’s ship, and a full-scale Batcave. Other astonishing set-ups that the Studios have seen brought to life include 10 Downing Street and Heathrow Terminal 5 in Love Actually, the ‘tarts & vicars’ garden party where Bridget Jones suffers her infamous embarrassment as a bunny, and the huge Western Woods of Sleepy Hollow. A very selective list of other films include the 1979 Superman, Alien, The Princess Bride, Notting Hill, The Da Vinci Code, The Mummy Returns, Star Wars IV, Shakespeare in Love, Billy Elliot, Chocolat, Gladiator, The Boat That Rocked, Wimbledon and Troy.

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