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As a London wedding photographer, I was lucky enough to be invited to see the funky hotel that is the London Town Hall.  Set in the heart of London’s vibrant East End, the award-winning Town Hall Hotel combines architecutre, design and home comfort.

Hotel History:

The building has stood since 1909 and has been a variety of uses over the century to now a modern hotel and wedding venue.  It boasts the tall ceiling, airy and bright De Montfort Suite, the elegant Bethnal Hall with polished dark wood panneled walls and my favourite Council Chamber; A grade II listed interior, the distinguished Art Deco furnishings of polished oak, teak & fine leather seating have been restored with exceptional attention to detail.

If you are looking for a venue in London that is quirky, a little bit different with tones of photography potential – then you have found it!

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Interesting Excerpt from the Town Hall Hotel website:

The building reflected a new confidence and wealth in the Borough and the Council spent lavishly on fine architects, craftsmen and artists to decorate it. More building was commissioned in the 1930s and this splendid addition contains the Art-Deco interiors which have made Town Hall Hotel a famous film location.

Pevsener, the Architectural Bible of Britain, called the internal decoration ‘subtle but expensive Deco style’. Australian walnut wood was used to panel the Council Chamber, mahogany in the mayoral office, green and white marble lined the staircase, while even the air vents were covered with exquisitely patterned brass grilles. Town Hall Hotel marries Edwardian, Art-Deco and now the most cutting-edge modern architecture in one harmonious whole.

The perfect venue if you are looking for a venue that has substance and a great history behind it!

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