As much as I love photographing weddings, it was a real privilege and pleasure to work with Shannon Andrews recently, the lady behind The Hand Lettering Artist based in London. We recently connected through Maddy Shine’s SEO expert challenge, where she won a personal brand shoot with me as a bonus to Maddy’s audience. We planned to do the session at her home in London with a giant blackboard wall ready for her to create lots of designs. But unfortunately, COVID got in the way of the session planned for March 2020.

Personal Brand Photo Shoot At Robyn’s Nest Cafe

From the time that we all had to wait for the lockdown to end until the date of the shoot, Shannon had rebranded and was now working on a more corporate and commercial level as opposed to small hand letter designs on notepads. She decided to work on a business-to-business level to help other small businesses get seen and have something a little bit funky in their brand through her hand lettering. 

Shannon’s brand is black and white with little to no colour throughout her branding and social media presence. This was a particular challenge or I thought it was going to be a particular challenge when we started the planning for the photo shoot as I am known for very vibrant and colourful imagery.

With Shannon’s monochrome brand, we knew that we had to find the right environment to really support this and reflect her style and our way of photographing. As Shannon was working more with restaurants and cafes, we decided to reach out to cafes nearby.

Robyn from Robyn’s Nest Cafe in Bracknell was starting to open up the cafe again after COVID restrictions and the cafe turned out to be the ideal venue for the photo shoot. She has a delightful window space, a white brick wall outside with black trim, a brand new brick wall, and a partition on the outside for the seating area. This was absolutely perfect and could not have been any better for Shannon’s brand look and feel.

We are so happy with how the shots came out and have been thrilled to see that Shannon has used nearly every single image on her social media and website. Shannon has also won two business awards since having our personal brand photo shoot, and we are so thrilled to play a tiny part in her visual branding.

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Robyn from Robyn’s Nest Cafe for allowing us to photograph in there

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