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Personal Brand Photography can help you build a better business

Isn’t that a bold statement!

But it’s true. We have witnessed, and seen the figures, from clients that have trippled their engagement and doubled their sales through branded photography.

Do you want your business to stand out from the rest?

Of course – we all do!

The best way to set yourself in front of your competition is your business brand and how you present yourself online. A photo is worth a thousand words when marketing your business, did you know that websites with professional images receive over 90% more views than those without?

When people look at your company, they want to see the people they are doing business with photographs of yourself on social media have a far greater reach than simply your product.

Let us help you move your business forward with vibrant, fresh and fun lifestyle branding photography in your favourite location, studio or coffee shop.

what is personal brand photography

In short, it shows who you are, your personality and what your business is all about. It’s your visual first impression and is incredibly important if your personal brand is connected to your business.

why do i need personal brand photography

To set you apart my friend! There is no-one like you, you are incredibly unique! Even though there may be others that do a similar business to you, there is nobody that works the way you do. Clients are connected to the people.

why should we work with summers photography

Years of experience, bright, vibrant and friendly photographers, put you at ease, featured in news and magazines; lots of happy notes at the bottom of this page!


photos of you

We understand that it is nerve-wracking having your photograph taken; but imagine we are sat in a coffee shop having a coffee and discussing our businesses. It is exactly like that, but with a camera too! We coach you and put you at ease.

photos of your products

Whilst having photographs of yourself at your brand shoot, bring a few of your products along to use as props. If you just are looking for a specific product shoot, take a look at our Send & Shoot product photography service.

learn to take photos yourself

Once you have had your personal brand photo shoot, consider enrolling in one of our business photography courses. Whilst it’s important to have featured professional imagery, taking photos yourself on your phone for behind the scenes and stories is important and need to be good quality.

Personal Brand Photography Timeline

decide to book with us and then we plan

You know you have been considering a personal brand photo shoot for a while, take a look through our blogs and our website to make sure we are the photographers for you. Get in touch, we will have a call to discuss requirements, book your session online if you prefer to make full payment or use our payment plans; then we will have your full Zoom planning session to arrange the photo shoot!

your photo shoot with summers photography

Then we shoot! We send out prompts and reminders of items of importance to get you ready for your photo shoot. We meet on the day, we start with a coffee and then let’s get to it! It’s more like having coffee with a friend, but there’s a camera in the way! I will guide you through the session that you will laugh your way throughout and won’t want it to end.

creation of content & images

It takes up to 2 weeks to edit and create your online gallery. Expect to receive anywhere between 50-100 images depending on the package chosen. We stay in touch after the shoot to see if I can help you with any marketing and visual creation ideas.

Personal Brand Photography Packages

We Offer Simple Pricing Structures

Need to ask a few questions?

What is Personal Brand Photography

They are a version of headshots, but with more of a story built around the photoshoot. Think of a day you have at work, we would document that day, so laptop work, creating your product, packaging, talking to clients, meetings and classic, beautiful images of you. The plan changes for each business owner we work with, we will create a bespoke series of images for your brand in mind.

Why do I need Personal Brand Photography?

You (and your team) are the face of the brand. If you are a company that the client deals with you in a personal manner, then it is incredibly important that they know the person behind the logo. We sometimes think that our businesses brand is often the colour of the website and the logo we use, but it is far more than that. As humans, we seek connections with people and let’s face it, we are nosey and like to know who we are talking to! By showcasing yourself and the people you work with regularly is key to creating those know, like and trust connections.

Why should we work with Summers Photography?

We have worked with dozens of businesses in 2020 that were amazing business owners in a variety of forms. It has been exhilarating to see their business brand grow through using our brand images. From seeing a beautifully curated Instagram grid, to Facebook cover and profile pictures, LinkedIn headshots and websites with the images on each page. We’ve heard growth from each of our clients and lots of messages along the lines of “thanks for the advice, have seen growth” from whilst we talk and shoot. Summers Photography has evolved over the years, but we started in 2002 and have a wealth of business knowledge to support your brand shoot. Plus we are lovely people – clients words, not ours; well maybe a little bit! 

What should I expect from a Personal Brand Photo Shoot with Summers Photography?

Having your photograph taken can be a nerve-racking experience, particularly if you have had a bad experience before. I start each session by explaining that this shoot is just like having coffee with a friend and there’s a camera there too! We talk throughout the shoot to put you at ease, have you laughing through the session and remember we would have gotten to know each other in the planning stages too. Once we have the shoot, it’s time for us to edit your images for consistent colour and light. This can take up to 2 weeks to curate your photo shoot, so expect to receive an email in the first week with a few sneak previews; we don’t want you to wait to see how beautiful those images are! 



We have worked in many work areas with multiple clients on different days. You would not realise that each of these clients are in the same location, how we use space, light and composition is unique for each client. 


We don't hold images back

We don’t see why we would keep all your images and charge you per image. We want to share all of the images that we take and redeem the best quality of our art and your brand. Expect to receive on average 50-100 images from your brand shoot.


Monthly Plan Feature

We understand how important cashflow is for small business owners, we have introduced monthly payment options to spread the cost for you.

Love Notes

Can I give a massive shout out and thank you to Stephanie of Summers Photography? She did a lifestyle shoot for my business and I’m so happy with the results. I absolutely hate being in front of the camera but she couldn’t have put me more at ease, and she captured my brand perfectly. Can’t recommend her highly enough!


We Are Tabono

Hey Steph, Oh wow! The photos are amazing, I love them, the lighting, framing etc are perfect for what I need them for. Thank you so much, can’t wait to start using them for my website etc. Love Sarah.


Sarah Farley Life Coach

My husband and I run a unique, luxury & exclusive restaurant dining experience. We wanted some images to help tell our story.
And WOW! Steph managed to capture every element of our service and the story flows so much better now. The quality of the images now reflect our brand to the T!
Steph did an exceptional job on our branding photoshoot. And we would highly recommend her. She is definitely worth every penny!

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