Portrait Photography Experience – Beginners Photography Course

Summers Photography Academy run Beginners Photography Courses in Berkshire every month for people that either know nothing about their camera, or for those that used to know a little something and need to brush up their knowledge – and everyone in between!

Our next stage in the learning process is our Portrait Photography Experience – a beginners introduction to portraits and taking photographs of people. This is one of the most common learning areas that delegates from the beginners course struggle with. Flowers are great to photograph – they don’t move!  Buildings are great to photograph – they don’t answer back!  Landscapes are great to photograph – they don’t run away!

Portraits however, run away, they answer back and they don’t stay still.  So how does that effect our shutter speed and aperture settings?

Well that is the first element of learning; a recap on technical settings to make sure you are creating crisp and focussed images.

The next part of the course is the big part and most enjoyable for me to teach as you can just see the photographers taking on board the tips and tricks.

How do you get someone to look natural in front of the camera and not cheesy fake grins?  How do you talk to them?  In what way do you tell them they are doing well, or if you want them to do something else to be able to create a shot?

This is the main problem with portraits as new photographers feel awkward, but there really is no need to feel awkward and feel empowered instead.

Here are a few images from our Autumn portrait courses from 2017; it will give you a great idea on what to expect!  You can view all of our courses here on our website

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via the website or email [email protected]

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