Who We Are

  • Husband and wife photography team Stephanie and Steve Cronin
  • Steve also has a garden room building business
  • Stephanie born in Edinburgh
  • Steve born in Ascot, Berkshire
  • We now live in Bracknell, Berkshire
  • Stephanie is 36, Steve is 42
  • Stephanie has been photographing since 2002
  • 90% of our business lost in 2020
  • Pivoted to business focus photography and training
  • Featured in the news about our experience of business change
  • Has a 2 year old and cocker spaniel
  • Passionate about providing high level of customer service, vibrant imagery and boosting small businesses through photography learning.

In the Press

How baby milk became a lightning rod for scandal – Telegraph – December 2023

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Wedding Suppliers Share The Most Outrageous Things They’ve Witnessed On The Job

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Wedding Suppliers Share The Most Outrageous Things They’ve Witnessed On The Job

International Wedding Awards 2022 Local Rounds Winner for Bracknell, Berkshire Photographer 

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Channel 5 News reported from our wedding we were photographing on 21st June 2021 with the change in covid restrictions at weddings. Talking to camera piece on impact with weddings and filmed photographing our couples special day.

This is Money January 2021 article about our experience of the new social media app Clubhouse and how we have already won work through it. 

Metro January 2021 discussed the impact that Covid had on our business and how we pivoted and changed our business model to serve us in a stronger area. 

plans and presents wedding blog

Expert Topics

  1. Why photography can transform a small business
  2. Your personal brand and business brand
  3. The impact photography can have on your confidence 
  4. Why colours and styling is important in business images
  5. Why photography is a great tool for improving mental health
  6. Struggles in business to thriving
  7. The impact of Covid 19 on a self employed household
  8. Pivoting a business and what was needed to be done
  9. Former further education college lecturer that left to become self employed; a year before falling pregnant
  10. Mum juggle – Mother to 2 year old, wife, friend, business owner and expectations on self to be 100% on every area.

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