Tips for Beautiful Autumnal and Winter Photos

There is a special kind of magic that comes with outdoor Autumnal and Winter photo sessions.

The changing colours and soft, golden light of sunset, even then lightly falling and icicles hanging from the branches create a lovely backdrop for any photo session.  As a Bracknell portrait photographer – we know some of the quaintest spots for beautiful family photographs.

Here are some tips to make your winter or fall photo sessions go smoothly.


Dress warmly. You will be surprised at how often this is overlooked. Since you’ll be standing outside for a long period of time, short sleeves, thin fabrics, and open toe shoes will not be comfortable for very long. Shivering makes it hard to look happy and pose properly.

Be moisturised! Use a good moisturizer to protect your skin from chilly winds and also bring along some lip balm or gloss – even for the kids – chapped lips can be quite obvious in photographs.

Watch the weather. Blue sky days look enticing from in-doors, but can often be misleading when outdoors after a while. Make sure to wrap up warm and wear thermals if you do suffer from the cold. Even tartan blankets, cosy wooly hats and scarves look wonderful to make the most of the fresh weather.

Be flexible. If the weather isn’t exactly what you had hoped for, see if you can still make the photo session work. If you are however scheduling this session in advance, you may just have to work with the weather on that particular day.

Incorporate colour. Even though autumn and winter have some amazing colours to work with, why not wear a splash of colour to really stand out in your photos? Vibrant shades of blues and greens look amazing amongst crunchy brown leaves.

Plan your day. Taking your photos just after the sun rises or just before it sets will provide you with amazing lighting so try and plan your session around those times.

Take a drink along to make your photo session even more cosy and get ready for some beautiful results.

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