As a photographer, what do you do when your corporate clients want a business shoot without it looking like a typical business photo shoot? Now, that’s a tough brief, right? Because the common notion is that all corporate shoots are identical in look and feel – the same laptop, notepad, and serious boardroom expressions. But when Anna and Chloe – two champions of female entrepreneurship and business growth – reached out to Summers Photography with this unique vision they had for their corporate headshots, I took it as an opportunity to break away from the traditional way of documenting a corporate photography session and render it a fresh appeal! Yes, every company is different, and each client is unique. Their requirements differ from each other, and they could be in a different phase of business, wanting to present their brand and themselves in a different way from everyone else. Also, businesses could have their own ideas and photography vision when it comes to highlighting themselves and their brands through photos. My wonderful clients, Anna and Chloe – the directors of We Are Tabono, are two of those amazing people who just knew what they wanted, and that made photographing this corporate session so special. Our venue for this lifestyle personal brand corporate shoot was Easthampstead Park in Wokingham, Berkshire, and gosh! It was so much fun.

I had worked with Anna and Chloe before, and this was the fourth time I was collaborating with these two highly driven women. And after all the brainstorming we did for this session, it turned out to be great, and the images we got were stunning!

Corporate Photography At Easthampstead Park

Working with We Are Tabono for the fourth time was an absolute pleasure and totally different from the sessions we worked on together in the past. Anna and Chloe had both had their individual portrait brand shoots before and then a joint session when they launched the new business. So, by now, my clients already knew my photography style and were sure I’d do justice to the photography vision they had for their brand. And honestly, when your clients show their trust in you and your team and are ready to make all the efforts to support you as you turn their ideas into reality – that feeling is absolutely priceless!

Our approach for this big, multilevel shoot (as there was a lot more involved than the previous smaller sessions) was slightly different from the earlier sessions we did together. This time around, the requirements of the shoot involved the location, more people, and even props. And like I said at the beginning – the emphasis was on making this shoot look corporate and professional without actually going the typical business photo shoot way. Instead of having the usual markers of an office space, Anna and Chloe were looking for exactly the opposite vibe. They wanted to bring in a more holistic element to the shoot, and what they also wanted to showcase was that the focus of their company was on the well-being of women leaders in business.

After a lot of conversations on how we could bring out this community feel through images, we came to the conclusion that the photo shoot should feature both the directors as well as several members of the group as they worked on a specific goal workshop. So, the shoot was planned around a full workshop to bring a more authentic feel to it by capturing real conversations. Because real conversations bring out real emotions and reactions. And boy, that really did happen!

I documented the workshop as it happened, with a focus on the directors and the delegates. I only jumped in where I needed a brief tweak of body movement or when someone’s face needed to be toward the light a little more. Of course, the group was aware that they were being photographed, but without it feeling too staged or interrupted, I did my work as quietly as possible because the focus had to be on the workshop rather than me photographing them.

Throughout the day, we broke the session into different parts and tried various looks for the portraits. From a relaxed coffee morning to breakout task completion to small groups, 2:1 training and 1:1 coaching, we did it all. Together, we created so many pictures indoors for the different services that the company offers, but we also wanted to bring a feel of the outdoors into the images. So, from network walking to informal chats and coaching, we documented all of it outside. We finished with more classic portraits of Anna and Chloe, both indoors and outdoors, and walked away with a few hundred stellar images for the company to use.

Summers Photography For Your Corporate Rebranding!

Anna and Chloe, it has been a privilege for me to see your company, We Are Tabono, grow from strength to strength, and I am sure that this recent rebranding photo shoot will take it to greater heights. It makes my heart swell with happiness as I see the images we created together at the Easthampstead Park shine on your company website. I’m glad that the pictures have been extensively used on social media and other platforms for your business marketing. Anna and Chloe, I wish you both the best in all your future endeavours and look forward to working with you again.

To all my lovely readers! For a similar photography experience and stunning corporate photos, you can contact us right away! If you would like to learn more about personal brand photography, drop us an email at [email protected]. To read more photography stories and learn about my experiences as a photographer, or get tips for your photo sessions, read our blogs here. To find out what else we can provide you with, you can check out our packages and pricing here

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Venue: Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, Berkshire

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