What do I need to know before my brand photo shoot?

If you are thinking about a personal brand photo shoot, then this is definitely a blog to get you in the right headspace and understanding. If we can help with anything, then you can always get in touch with any questions.

Here are the main elements of your session and a planning guide to get you started, even if you are looking to do a brand shoot soon or later!

Planning Consultation

Let’s meet on Zoom to have a conversation on what you are looking for from your brand photo shoot. We ask for you to create a Pinterest board and a shot list of very specific photographs that you can see working in your business. Fundamentally; the reason why you are having the shoot and where you want the images to be used. What are the goals of the session? Do you want more products shots, or grouped images? Do you want individuals at work or the whole office group? Write down a few goals and we can discuss this for the session.

Planning the look of the shoot

We plan the look through 3 main areas:

Outfits and what to wear – We recommend working with a stylist that will be able to support you with the right outfits and colours. They advise on how that dress fits, if it needs the right accessory to give the correct impression.

The props you use for your business. What do you use to create your products and services. So that may be packaging, postage items, the ingredients for the product, the laptop you design the posters or the phone you take the calls on. Branded stationery in your colours looks brilliant; branded leaflets and business cards look great, but can look like a corporate set up.

The location – discussed in the following section.

Bringing Your Business Alive in the Location

Your brand shoot will be well planned and organised to make the most of our time together. The session can take place at your place of work, your studio, office or a desirable public place that you do business. The location has to have good natural light. That’s all that we require. If it’s a lovely designed office, but no window; this doesn’t work well for vibrant and light images. Check out our other blog on the types of locations that could use for your shoot.

Be Web Ready

Two weeks after your photo shoot and you will be sent a private link to download all of the images taken at your photo shoot. This will be a minimum of 30 images – at least one per month (or spread them out alongside your own photography)

Review Of Images

After your gallery delivery and implementation, we will schedule a consultation review to discuss the impact of your images. This will help find out what type of images your customer responded to. In the call, we will make a future plan to help your content going forward.

Plan Your Future

We work with brands that wish to have a strong, visual presence. Depending on the type of business, clients can choose between a one off photo session, or several throughout the year for different product launches or seasonal service offerings.

If you are looking for your personal brand photo shoot, then drop us an email to [email protected] for full details.

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