What to do with your photographs from your recent photo shoot and products available

What to do with your photographs from your recent photo shoot and products available

Technology has come on in so many ways in recent years which makes it lots of fun choosing a way to display your memories be that if you are a business or a family. Although we love the traditional albums here as there is nothing like turning the pages, looking back and remembering every image than what you do with a photo album.  But a photo album might not be necessary for your line of work or home.  Check out the products below that would compliment your photos and proudly put them on display.

Personal Branding Photo Shoot.

I really enjoy the branding shoots as they help entrepreneurs capture their personality and showcase their businesses. These shots can then be used on social media and the company website, but they can also be used for other marketing material. Business cards are no longer simple pieces of card with your contact details on them. They can be embellished, glossy and you can even upload your headshot, or an action shot onto your cards, so you can show your clients what it is you do and who you are.

Pop up banners are a great tool for wedding fairs, recruitment fairs, seminars and conferences. They draw clients to your stand with bright, on brand images so including one of your personal branding shots is a great way to put a face to your company.

Another good way to advertise your company is magnetised banners for your car. Many online stationery providers offer this product and all you do is upload your image and your logo and away you go. They are reasonably priced and if you don’t want to be “working” on a particular journey you can just pop it in the boot and you have given yourself the day off!!! These are a cost-effective way of letting everyone you come into contact with what you do and who you are.


At Summers photography we already have the traditional album as part of our packages and we also offer all our couples a personalised USB stick of all the images taken on your wedding day. These are really useful as you may not want all of your images in an album, but you do want to keep them all.

The USB stick is also handy as you can use it to then transfer images onto an electronic photo frame which rotates a selection of images of your day, so you can enjoy more than one image per frame.

A new twist to the canvas is to have your favourite image imposed onto aluminium. It is a lot thinner than a wall canvas and the glossy, almost mirrored finish adds depth to the image, making it a work of art.

A funky alternative to the standard photo frame is an acrylic cube, with your chosen images on each side of the cube. These have a really modern feel about them and are flexible because can also blend in with any colour scheme in your home!!

Family Shoots

These shoots are the most fun as the kids, granny and grandpa and even the dog can get involved. They also make great gifts so having them made into calendars are a good way to use lots of different shots and you could even put a certain person’s picture on the month they were born so it makes it even more personalised.

A selection of companies offer a magazine service. This is where you can create a personalised family magazine using your images from the shoot and can also add articles to go with the image. I think these are great for families who have relatives that live overseas and maybe don’t get to see each other for long periods of time.

A great way to use the images are as stationery for special events. If your little one has a birthday coming up and you want something different our cake smash package is a great way to celebrate and have fun. These can then be made into invitations or as thank you cards with a personal touch. Postcards and birthday cards are also a great way to use family shoot photos to make friends and family smile.

The options are endless and you can purchase lots of different products to show off your business, wedding day or the little rascals so have fun and let us know what you buy!

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