What to wear and how to prepare for your photo shoot

The Spring months are our favourite time of the year to photograph in, purely down to the colours that surround us.

Starting with the daffodils early Spring, you can get lost in a sea of yellows and greens; such fresh pretty colours.

Then the blossom trees start to bloom and the soft pinks and white’s are beautiful for a neutral palette.

The biggest trend is the bluebell photo shoots with an abundance of purple carpets filling our local woods.

Colour Options:

Depending on what style you prefer, think what colours would complement your home as this will really pull the colours together and give you an idea on requirements before the shoot takes place.

We tend to stick with complementary and analogous colour ranges.

Complementary – is the opposite colours on the colour wheel to the environment you are photographing in. So for example, in bluebells; yellows work well as an opposite colour. Don’t forget there is a lot of green too in the forest and reds / oranges can look great as well. ¬†This is best if you like bright, vibrant photographs full of contrast.

Analogous colour harmonies are choosing one colour and having the colours on immediate sides next to each other. So for bluebells, blues and pinks would look great and be very complimentary.

These are some great ideas for colour combinations:


Do’s and Don’ts of Photo Shoots:

This is a really interesting infographic that discusses the best way to prepare for your family photo session. The only point I would add to this is no big logo’s on clothing, no sports wear, try not to have any shiny material such as ran jackets – things like wooly coats are much nicer to photograph, but hopefully won’t be necessary in the Spring!


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