When to hire a photographer for your product photography? As business owners, we wear several hats, if not all of them, in our business. From accounts, branding, customer service manager, photographer, editor and social media manager; it is a lot to deal with and that is not even doing what we specialise in!

In the modern digital world we live in, the volume of images taken on our phones has exponentially grown. Ask yourself when was the last time you didn’t have your phone with you and how many pictures you have on there! Thousands I bet!

So, the question is really, if you can DIY it and take your own photos, then why would you need to hire a photographer and a bigger question; when to hire a photographer for your product photography?

Experience, knowledge and the ability to bring your brand alive.

As a small business myself, I know that cash flow is king and we don’t always have the funds to pay for additional elements to your business.

Is it worth having professional product photographs?

But as we have seen time and time again with working with our clients, the photography is the one element that sets them apart from the competition and will bring customers to them. One client example, her engagement on social tripled and her income doubled! The only thing that changed was her photography; surely that has to be the reason?

As much as I would love to work with you all the time, funds might not permit that at this stage in your business. So how do you prioritise what you require photographed?

I talk to clients in the planning stages regularly that we go into panic mode and just want our next immediate campaign photographed for a seasonal launch. Whilst this is a fantastic idea and something I would recommend later on, it’s not going to give you longevity images that will serve you all year. Most likely you wouldn’t be using Easter images in December, or Christmas images in July.

What to have photographed

Our advice is to create a portfolio of non seasonal imagery, that’s beautifully branded and universal to any time of year. You can always jazz them up with a lovely graphic design frame, or pop them into Canva to create your seasonal marketing.

Online shops like Not on the High Street and Etsy

If you are looking to go onto selling sites such as Not on the High Street; they are particularly strict with their photography. Did you know that rejected about 90% of those applying to join NOTHS get rejected? That can be down to the variety of products, originality and the quality of photos are the key elements to a declined application.

Etsy place a huge point to why product photography is key. You can be on the 1st page of Etsy, or any selling site and if your photographs are poor, people will gloss over them, loosing another sale.

So with that in mind; how would you want your key hero images for your business to look like? That’s the number one question and we can help explore that with you to create the most suitable visuals to grow your business.

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Product photography, lifestyle photography, craft photography, gift box photography
Product photography, lifestyle photography, beauty photography, gift box photography

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