We all know that photography is important for our businesses; but do we really know how important it is? I wanted to start with a conversation that I had with a client recently about why commercial photography is more important than you think.

If you cast your mind back towards the end of March and the hype that was around going to the pub gardens for a drink or meal with friends. Who are the companies that stick in your mind? Locally to us; I can think of 2, maybe 3 at a push that kept their audience up to date, new images, marketing to let people know they are still there and to get us all excited about visiting again.

For all the resutaurants, bars and cafes in our area; I find it unbelievable there weren’t tonnes more that were pushing the visual marketing side of things on social media. One of our favourite places to visit, had not posted anything on their socials since the previous year, we thought they had sadly closed. But then they opened in May and we had a great coffee in there to celebrate!

With the venues that were regularly posting, talking about their refurbishments, new menu and new outlook on business; they are the ones with engaged customers all saying in the comments “Shall we go here for date night / Brunch there at the weekend / Do you see anything you like on the menu!”

To bring this to a close, photography connects you with a new audience and develops a stronger relationship with your exisiting clients as they continue to support and big up your brand.

  • You are giving your customer buying signals to come to you! Look at our brand new patio, doesn’t it look lovely? Can you imagine having cocktails here at our new bar, or buying this necklace for your friend?
  • It gives the customer choice and can compare one to another to see who gives the better product, location, packaging, service, offerings – it set’s you apart.
  • What do you think when you look at a photo from a location and it doesn’t look like anything it does in real life to the photos? Bit frustrating if that’s what you are basing it on!
  • If you are constantly updating your brand or commercial photography, then it really sets you apart as an industry leader and a business that really considers it’s image.
  • Commercial photography updates gives you a more visual presence in a visual world. Let’s face it, we are conditioned to skim through photos these days as opposed to reading screeds of text; it makes sense that photographs do the talking for you.
  • Lastly on our 5 ways that commercial photography is bigger than you think is to do with is being ahead of the times and that credibility.

A company that is sharing updated images and is active on social media shows that they believe in their product, offering and want to do business with you! They mean business when it comes to their presence and the best way to do that is through photography.

I hope that this has been helpful for those that are considering brand or commercial photography and if you have any questions drop us a message through Facebook or email [email protected]

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