Why having brand photographs ready to go is essential in business

I recently worked with Naeeda from Advanced Beautique on her personal brand photo shoot.
During the planning stages, we worked through what the main focus should be of her brand and came up with 4 content pillars: client consultation, various treatments, the workshops and self care.
Each of these sections were photographed in detail to really give the viewer a feel of what each step of the process and treatment feels like; right from consultation, into the treatment and post care.
It was a pleasure to work with Naeeda to visually demonstrate her business and I was thrilled to hear that she had been featured in Berkshire Life magazine and various bloggers in the Berkshire area.
When Naeeda was interviewed for the article, she was asked for imagery to support the piece and she had all of her brand images ready to go and sent to the magazine editor.
This shows the importance of having brand imagery in a photo library that you can use for various PR and marketing requests at short notice. By using consistent imagery, the look and feel of your company flows for your client and can be seen in the images below (kindly from Naeeda’s website) from the profile in the article and to the various pages on the website. This is what brand consistency is all about folks!

I spoke to Claire Winter; former journalist, writing training and content creation specialist for small businesses. We discussed the importance of good photography when pitching to the press and this is what she had to say: If you want to to be featured by the media it’s vital to be press ready. Decent images of you and your brand make you look professional. A brand shoot ensure that you will have brilliant professional photographs at your fingertips when a media opportunity comes your way. If you want to learn more about getting Press Ready. Claire runs a 4-week course called Pitch to the Press which starts on March 17. To find out more go to https://clairewinter.info/pitch-to-the-press/

Here are a few of my favourite images from the sessions and you can find Naeeda and Advanced Beautique here:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/advancedbeautique/
Website – https://advancedbeautique.com/
If you are looking for your Berkshire brand photographer, then please email [email protected] or contact page here.
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PHOTO-2019-12-10-15-01-05 2.jpg
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