I met with a client recently that grew her audience through Instagram stories and lives. They were hugely successful. Why? You felt as if you knew her from her regularly, valuable chats. Her grid was simply full of IG videos, but she wanted to mix it up. Her brand imagery has elevated her presence to a more professional level; even though the videos were good, having professional images of you is almost like the front cover to the “book” and all the videos are the chapters. Both as vital as each other; but the book cover is always picked up first! But why having personal brand photographs is a game changer to your business ? Let’s read on.

Creating a unique personal brand and identity for your business is a process that takes time to bring together. You and your brand is what puts you in front of your customer and sets you apart from competitors.

Personal brand photography will portray your unique look, personality and position to your audience. I could tell you so many ways that it is a game changer to your business, but let’s start with these elements.

1) If you are looking to move your business into a different level, then you need to get ready.

Perhaps you are looking for more publicity for your business, PR and marketing will always ask you for high quality, clear and good photographs of you / product. I spoke with Claire Winter; former journalist, writing training and content creation specialist for small businesses. We discussed the importance of good photography when pitching to the press and this is what she had to say; “If you want to to be featured by the media it’s vital to be press ready. Decent images of you and your brand make you look professional. A brand shoot ensure that you will have brilliant professional photographs at your fingertips when a media opportunity comes your way.”

2) Selfies are a thing of the past.

LinkedIn profiles range between selfies from your holiday to those white background studio “passport” photos. Where’s the personality? Where’s the clues to what you do? You could have hundreds of different owners with white classic headshots and have no idea what they offer. By having lifestyle images as a product maker, service industry professional will elevate your presence in a fleeting glance. What’s the expression? First impressions and all that jazz.

3) It gives your client a window into what you actually do.

Perceived value. Whilst planning with my clients, we work out the client journey and what they need to see on your website/socials to be able to understand and connect with what you do. For example a beauty therapist might have 4 content pillars and touch points: the client consultation, various treatments offered, the workshops at home and self care products for sale. Each of these sections were photographed in detail to really give the viewer a feel of what each step of the process and treatment feels like; right from consultation, into the treatment and post care.

4) “We want your information and your image yesterday – is that ok?”

Having brand imagery in a photo library that you can use for various PR and marketing requests at short notice is fundamental, you never know when you are going to need them. By using consistent imagery, the look and feel of your company flows for your client and is fantastic brand consistency.

5) Connect with the client.

Thoughtful, professional personal brand photos will help build trust and form a connection with prospective clients and employers right away. If your photos make you look like a friendly, capable, experienced professional they’d enjoy working with, they’ll work with you! On the other hand, if you use incohesive, low-quality photos throughout your site, they might look elsewhere.

6) It captures the best version of yourself.

Personal brand photography helps communicate what you have to offer to potential clients. It helps your audience connect with you as a person and feel comfortable with you right away, inviting them to engage with you and work with you. In the end, a personal branding photoshoot is a crucial investment for any creator, influencer, or business owner looking to portray their image in the best light.

I hope that helps explains why having personal brand photographs is a game changer to your business. Send an email today for full information and availability to [email protected] or contact us through our website contact form.

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